About Meltemi Web

Based in Northern California, our clients are worldwide - from Australia to the Caribbean.

We build web based applications for all types of business from small brochure-like sites to larger database driven systems with content management and stock control.

Keeping Perspective

You may have an existing website that needs to be redesigned or need a new one designed from scratch. In either case Meltemi can offer a fresh approach to the design whilst maintaining your business perspective. Your business goals are kept as the highest priority over 'prettiness'. A flashy website is no use to anyone if it doesn't send your message, or have functionality. Meltemi builds sites that both look great and are usable.


Your business may change it's tempo or course over time, so we know it's important for a website to remain flexible. With this in mind, we build updatable websites, where you can change the content to reflect your needs.


As businesses grow, and we expect that yours will, the demand on a website will grow too. At Meltemi we build scalable sites, ready to meet this demand. We are able to add components to the original website without going back to the drawing board for a total re-design.


At Meltemi, we are not graphic designers by trade - we are web developers, but we do know what works, and what doesn't work for the web. On most projects we'll use our trusted designers from outside the company to produce artist's impressions for you to decide upon a design, then we can build it pixel for pixel.


When it comes to functionality, Meltemi can make your site stand out from the crowd with great navigation, efficient page loading and 'behind the scenes' stuff with the help of Ajax.

What's Meltemi?


noun - a dry northwesterly wind that blows during the summer in the eastern Mediterranean.

In Crete it is by far the most preferred summer weather type and considered a refreshing blessing.

They are at their strongest in the afternoon and often die down at night, but sometimes meltemi storms last for days without a break.

A bit like our work ethic...